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Andrew Sims is an experienced craftsman situated in Lincolnshire, who specialises in luxury handmade, completely Bespoke Shaker Style Kitchens, Wardrobes and furniture. The Andrew Sims collection is limited edition and each project is tailored to match the vision, lifestyle and personal taste of each Client. Andrew oversees every aspect of the project to guarantee the highest level of quality control, the end result is truly beautiful and it’s why he’s proud to put his name to it.

My Ethos

When it comes to creating and providing a truly exceptional Shaker Style Kitchen or set of Wardrobes, I ensure each client is met with an outstanding level of professionalism and passion. I completely dedicate myself from meeting to completion and maintain an unrivalled level of attention to detail, personal care and uttermost craftsmanship. Each project is not only expected to be durable and functional but designed to be impressionable, captivating and inspiring any guests within your beautiful home.

Shaker Style

Through simplicity and clean classically proportioned doors and frames, Shaker Style furniture offer timeless appeal. A Shaker Style kitchen for example, is built to withstand every day use and more importantly the test of time..... a simple change in paint, cabinet hardware or kitchen worktop will immediately bring a change in look to your shaker kitchen whilst maintaining the luxury, classic style it has withheld throughout the years.

Andrew Sims